Writing Doppelgänger Skepticism

“The Internet” is famous for serving up heaps of distraction. This distraction—ScoreIt!— returned valuable results that were interesting enough to share.

ScoreIt!™’s engineering leverages the cutting edge science of stylometry, artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify underlying patterns of language structure in any given text. Statistical analyses are then applied to identify those significant patterns that define one author’s writing style as compared to another…. In broad terms, each submission is evaluated and weighted for its 1) grammatical construction; 2) authorial vocabulary; 3) expressive complexity and 4) use of function words.”

Always weary of ‘gimmicks,’ products, and services that set out to scam authors, I gave ScoreIt! a try and took my results with a grain of salt.

When I read one of the books, Lisa Jackson’s, Something Wicked, my opinion changed from skepticism to enthusiasm.

One of the most difficult tasks for any author / artist / creator is stepping away from the work and giving it a critical product based look.

ScoreIt! removes the guesswork, the emotional attachments, and most importantly, it provides solid leads to viable readers.

Did Haylee and Something Wicked share themes (mystery, real-world setting, romance, and paranormal fantasy)? Yes.

Was the writing style similar? Yes.

Was it an enjoyable read? Yes.

Unexpected was the was the west coast setting. Jackson’s Colony series is set in Oregon, a few hundred miles north of San Francisco and the Sacramento Valley where Haylee’s story takes place.

Now that I have a clear view of viable readers, I can begin targeted marketing campaigns to a receptive audience.

Check out the Feb. 11-15, 2018 Book Giveaway based on the ScoreIt! results.



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