Lisa is a book nerd and a California history philomath (learning lover).

She is the author of

Since 2021 Lisa has focused on California history research and short filmmaking.

Redfern is a small business owner and has worked as a professional portrait photographer and web designer. She has written grants, produced TV shows and YouTube videos, created marketing and promotion materials for authors, designed magazine ads, yearbook layouts, brochures, and business cards, filled in as a substitute teacher, and worked as a recycling educator.

Lisa administers the Sierra Writers Conference website and is an editor for the Sierra Writers Conference Newsletter.

She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from CSU, Sacramento.

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Lisa’s Other Websites

Following Deer Creek – Fly-over film & nature blog
Redfern Studio – Creative Services
Shared Tastes – Recipes

(Sometimes active) Social Platforms 

Instagram @that_writing_redfern
Instagram @following_deer_creek