Lisa Redfern

In addition to being an author, book nerd, and foodie, Lisa is a mom interested in sustainable environmentalism and scientific discoveries.

She writes in paranormal and historical fiction genres. With regard to the latter, she suffers from analysis paralysis, a condition where stopping research to begin writing becomes a tricky point.

Some of the themes she explores (in both genres) include; making mistakes, finding one’s place, and moving through difficult emotional situations.

Whether it is books or art, Lisa sends her creations into the world, like blowing on dandelion spores (the floaty parts), with optimistic wishes for elevated, accepting attitudes attached.

Lisa is a small business owner, a professional photographer, and a graphic & web designer. She has written grants, produced a local TV show, created marketing and promotion materials for authors, designed magazine adds, yearbook page layouts, brochures, and business cards, filled in as a substitute teacher, and worked as a recycling educator.

Currently, Lisa is researching, compiling, and delivering attention-grabbing individualized lesson modules for her middle-school-aged son. Her favorite subjects; history, language arts, and social studies!

Lisa is also administering websites for Sierra Writers and the Sierra Writers Conference.

She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from CSU, Sacramento.

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