Haylee Cast of Characters


She doesn’t know it’s unusual to communicate with animals.

On her eighteenth birthday, Haylee transforms from a puberty-delayed teen to voluptuous beauty.

Almost as soon as Haylee learns to appreciate her new body and social status, she discovers she’s compelled to attack people.


Dark, broody, Irish businessman. He came to California to try mining, but returns to the family business, selling goods and supplies.

He questions his sexual orientation when he encounters a male he’s attracted to.


Reece’s younger brother. He moved out west to help his brother expand the business. Edward is chatty and friendly.


A sexy, persistent teaching assistant in Haylee’s Psychology class at CSU, Berkeley.

His attraction to her increases as she tries to keep him away.

Eugene (Gene):

Haylee’s dad and a walnut farmer. Since his wife died, he focuses all his attention on work.


Emis was an elegant soothsayer at the French Court. She lost her husband in the Napoleonic war. She came to California to work as a prostitute and use her special abilities to find a guardian for her about-to-be orphan daughter.


Josh’s athletic, wise-cracking younger brother.


Norah is a time-skipper, like Haylee, from a distant future. In her world, it’s OK to speak without filters and she’s never felt dirt before!