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Gold Rush History

1849 Flyer – Wharf Laborers – Buying Gold – Loans -Property Lot Sales

A Glossary of American Mountain Men Terms, Words & Expressions

California and the gold fields.Translated from the German of Frederick Gerstäcker 1854 UC Santa Cruz

Costume of the California Gold Rush

 Justice wasn’t pretty — but it was quick

Gold Rush Prostitutes

Gold Rush Toxic Legacy

Klondike Nicknames

Letter from the Mining Camp

Miner’s Eyewitness Account – Eyewitness to History

Miner Headstone

River Towns

Traveling West

Women in the Gold Rush

San Francisco History

Arrivals at the Port of San Francisco 1800’s

Bella Union

Bella Union – Photo

Bella Union and the Barbary Coast Podcast

Death & Burials – SFGenealogy

Early San Francisco Street Names

Early Women in San Francisco

First Great Fire – Dec. 24, 1948 – SF Digital Archive

First Six Great Fires 1849-1851

Guardians of the City – Fire Department

HoundsVigilante Gang in early San Francisco

Hounds – SFGenealogy

Mary Ellen Pleasant in San Francisco

Mary Ellen Pleasant the Mother of Civil Rights in California

San Francisco 1850’s – California Parks

San Francisco before the Gold Rush

San Francisco EncyclopediaTimeline of San Francisco History

San Francisco Gold Rush History

San Francisco Gold Rush Prostitution

San Francisco HistoryGenealogy

San Francisco Immigration

San Francisco – Portsmouth Square

San Francisco Rotten Row ship boneyard

San Francisco Streets

Ships traversing Yerba Buena Cove

Tour of San FranciscoState Historical Landmarks

Chinese American History in California


Immigration – SFGenealogy