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Horse Hoof Anatomy

Irish Names & their pronunciations

Is there Life After Death? – Through the Wormhole documentary

Mineral Rushes – Geology

Lisa’s Pinterest Research Board

Project Gutenberg – Wiki

Ship Rigging


10 Simple Genetic Traits

Myths of Human Genetics

The Family that Walks on All Fours

Unusual Genetic Mutations


American History …view from New England

Brief History of Underwear

Carriage Museum – in  New York City

Digital History

Death Ships 

Fashion Styles in clothing


Historical Dictionary of American Slang

History of Animal Behavior

History of Aspirin

History of Cigarettes

History of Glue

History of Literacy

History of Pencils

History of Plumbing

History of the Pocket Knife – The Art of Manlieness

History of Sacramento

Journeys by Sea

Nautical Terminology

Restaurant History

River Ships

Roughing It – Wiki

Treatment of Scurvy

Wage Rate Research

Women’s Fashion European 1830’s

Women Photographers

 Women in Power 1840-1870

Human Culture


Top TV Shows 1970-1979


Facts about the Vegetative and Minimally Conscious States after Severe Brain Injury  – Modern Systems Translation Center

5 weird things that happen after you die

Heads of Lettuce – When did we start describing comatose patients as “vegetative”?

Heart disease / Myocarditis –

Historical study of coma: looking back throughmedical and neurological texts – Oxford Journals

Myocarditis –

Personal write-ups Awkward Virginity Loss Stories (R rated)

Scurvy Symptoms

Stages of Decomposition – pig photographs

Unresponsive Wakefulness Syndrome – US National Library of Medicine

Virginity Lost: An Intimate Portrait of First Sexual Experiences,Laura Carpenter by assistant professor of sociology at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn

Virginity Lost Experience Gained – WebMD

What Happens to a Body After Death



Greek History – Sibyl of Delphi

Lymphae – Italian Water Goddess

Naiades – fresh water nymphs

Nammu – Goddess of sea

Nymph – Water Nymph – animates nature – young & beautiful – not virginal – never dies of old age

Oceanid – related to nymphs – usually daughters

Oceanus’s role in the Titanomachy

Oceanus – world ocean – Father God father of 3000 nymphs

Sumerian Mythology

Titan mythology 

Tethys – Female God – aquatic sea goddess – mother of 3000 nymphs


California Native Medicinal Plants

California Plants – Plants Database

How Walnuts are Grown – California Walnuts

How To Grow Walnuts – Nevada County Tree Company

Manzanita Berries

Miners Lettuce

Northwest Native Plants

Nut Tree Production

Plants of California

Scurvy Grass

Walnut Harvest Video – California Walnuts

Yerba Buena

Yerba Buena Tea

Yerba Buena – More uses

Yerba Buena – Mint Family – US Forrest Service Identification

Yerba Buena – satureja douglasii – identification


Estimating All People Who Have Ever Lived – Population Bureau, Washington D.C.

How long have humans been on earth? –

7 Billion Population Milestones –


Love at First Sight (or chat)



Psychic Abilities

The mysterious power of attraction