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Gold Rush History

1849 Flyer - Wharf Laborers - Buying Gold - Loans -Property Lot Sales

A Glossary of American Mountain Men Terms, Words & Expressions

"California and the gold fields." Translated from the German of Frederick Gerstäcker 1854 UC Santa Cruz

Costume of the California Gold Rush

 Justice wasn't pretty -- but it was quick

Gold Rush Prostitutes

Gold Rush Toxic Legacy

Klondike Nicknames

Letter from the Mining Camp

Miner's Eyewitness Account - Eyewitness to History

Miner Headstone

River Towns

Traveling West

Women in the Gold Rush


San Francisco History

Arrivals at the Port of San Francisco 1800's

Bella Union

Bella Union - Photo

Bella Union and the Barbary Coast Podcast

Death & Burials - SFGenealogy

Early San Francisco Street Names

Early Women in San Francisco

First Great Fire - Dec. 24, 1948 - SF Digital Archive

First Six Great Fires 1849-1851

Guardians of the City - Fire Department

Hounds - Vigilante Gang in early San Francisco

Hounds - SFGenealogy

Mary Ellen Pleasant in San Francisco

Mary Ellen Pleasant - the Mother of Civil Rights in California

San Francisco 1850's - California Parks

San Francisco before the Gold Rush

San Francisco Encyclopedia - Timeline of San Francisco History

San Francisco Gold Rush History

San Francisco Gold Rush Prostitution

San Francisco History - Genealogy

San Francisco Immigration

San Francisco - Portsmouth Square

San Francisco Rotten Row - ship boneyard

San Francisco Streets

Ships traversing Yerba Buena Cove

Tour of San Francisco - State Historical Landmarks

Chinese American History in California


Immigration - SFGenealogy