Cast of Characters

Spoiler alert!
Haylee mysteries are revealed here.
Point in time for the characters is at the conclusion of
book#1 – Haylee and the Traveler’s Stone.


Northern California

Haylee Garrett:

With a dead mom and a checked-out dad, Haylee is an outsider.

She's a kind-hearted girl who communicates with animals. She describes it as thought pictures instead of spoken words.

On her eighteenth birthday, Haylee transforms from a growth-stunted kid in hiding to a curvaceous beauty.
Almost as soon as Haylee learns to appreciate her new body and social status, she discovers that she’s compelled to attack people, draining their personalities, to ward off the extreme pain.

Haylee has moved away from home and avoids the family for fear of hurting them.

She travels through time, led by the crystal in a family heirloom, to find Emis Laurent.

Eugene (Gene) Garrett:

Haylee’s dad and a walnut farmer. Since his wife died, he avoids life and his daughter.

When Haylee passes out from heavy bleeding, he rushes her to the emergency room. At the brink of losing his daughter, Gene realizes the terrible cost of his grief.

Eugene spends close to a year caring for Glori. 


‘No-nonsense’, redheaded nurse who's given up on relationships and motherhood. Taking Eugene and Haylee in hand, her feelings of connection with them are a surprise.

Glori and Eugene fall in love and marry.

Glori is Haylee's first family victim. Glori's condition is like a walking coma.


A sexy, persistent, and intelligent teaching assistant in Haylee’s Psychology class at CSU, Berkeley. His attraction to Haylee increases as she tries to keep walls between them.

Josh follows when Haylee goes hunting. Sickened by her behavior, he backs off. But soon his curiosity wins and he returns to help figure out the mystery.

Josh becomes Haylee’s second close-relationship victim.


Josh's handsome, athletic, wise-cracking younger brother.


Travelers leap-frog through time. Norah has arrived from one-hundred-and-fifty-years in the future to find Haylee and Josh. She knows Josh as Dr. Herkowitz the father of Traveler Studies.


1849 -1851

San Francisco

Reece Keener:

Dark, broody, Irish businessman. He came to California to try mining, but returns to the family business, selling goods and supplies. He thinks he’s lost it when he is drawn to the new store clerk his brother hired.

Emis manipulates Reece into adopting her daughter.

Reece and Haylee are about to have a child.

Edward Keener:

Reece’s younger brother and a twin. He moved out west to help his brother expand their business. Edward is chatty and friendly. He hires Haylee (disguised as a man) to deliver goods and catch-up on the paperwork that Reece never gets too.

Emis Laurent:

Emis was an elegant soothsayer to the French Court. She lost her husband in the Napoleonic war. Political changes ejected her from influential circles. She came to California to work as a prostitute. She is also a Traveler and knows that she will die once her child reaches seven.

Polly Laurent:

Six-year-old daughter of Emis. She knows things about people when she touches them. Her mother has kept their family history of Travelers and Crystal Carriers secret.

Song Zaho:

A Chinese friend to Reece and Edward. He’s told them about missing his wife and daughters in China. Reece gets Song a job at the Bella Union to help protect Polly from the men her mother entertains.