Haylee Books

Sci-fi, Paranormal, Time Travel & Romance

Haylee and the Traveler’s Stone

An isolated teen with uncontrollable power becomes a danger to everyone she loves.

Haylee knows something is wrong. While all the other girls are turning into women, Haylee still looks like she’s ten.

At eighteen Haylee suddenly and dramatically transforms into a curvaceous beauty. What seems like a dream come true has a dark side—a forceful, unruly urge to steal something unforgivable.

In a real world 1980’s setting, themes of Loneliness, blended families, and first love unfold in this heartrending tale.

As Haylee’s condition intensifies, she begins a quest to make things right by investigating items her mother left before she died. A pendant that is starting to heat up may have answers.

Psychic animal communications, humor in the face of hardship, and the repair of a damaged father-daughter relationship help illustrate Haylee’s otherworldly time-travel adventure.


Lost Love. Intense friendship chemistry. Paranormal time-travel romance.

Haylee and the Last Traveler

 The second part of Haylee’s story can be read as a stand-alone.

After spending a year in San Francisco’s past, Haylee returns to her northern California farmhouse.  Some things are different; she’s about to become a mother. Some things haven’t changed; the people she hurt still need 24/7 care.

Haylee brought something back from 1850. It could cure them, but at a horrible cost.

Intelligent characters with a sense of purpose power this sharp-edged college age tale in a real world 1980’s setting.

While on her paradigm-shifting journey, Haylee struggles with atonement for unforgivable violations, reconciliation of a lost love, jealousy, and ensuring her child’s guardianship… in case her time runs out.

 Illumination of life’s most essential matters, humor, and psychic animal communications fill the spaces between the twists and turns of this otherworldly adventure.