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Haylee and the Traveler’s Stone

Haylee is turning into something…but what?

It wasn’t until she was a freshman in high school that Haylee realized something was very wrong. While all the other girls were turning into women, Haylee still looked like she was ten. Living with an oblivious father made that fact easy to hide.

On her eighteenth birthday, Haylee dramatically transforms into a curvaceous beauty. What seems like a dream come true exacts a cost—an uncontrollable impulse to steal the minds of people around her.

Others like Haylee have come before. Scattered through history, they were soothsayers, oracles, and healers. A select few are Travelers—ones who journey through time. Haylee’s search for answers leads her to 1849 where, amidst the California Gold Rush, the last Traveler awaits her.




Haylee and the Last Traveler
Coming Spring 2019

Returning to the 1980’s after a time jump, Haylee tries re-adjusting to life that is ‘back-to-normal.’ But things aren’t how she left them; she’s about to become a new mother, and she’s missing the baby’s father.

Haylee is fretting about Josh, the man she almost fell in love with, here. After an unthinking attach, she left him decaying in a hospital bed. She thinks she might be able to help him—if she can get close enough.

Beta read version, with 1980’s songs and music videos, available on Wattpad until the final publishing date.