Crossing: A Chinese Family Railroad Novel

Crossing is a vividly human re-imagining of the love, sacrifices, and history that laid tracks for the North America of today. Leaving behind ancestral Chinese homelands and their family, brothers Yang and Lee face harrowing challenges as they join countless immigrants seeking a better life in the 1860s.

“Lisa Redfern has clearly done a lot of research…she’s also crafted a compelling story. …The reader learns a lot about Chinese culture and railroad workers’ lives.”
– William Oudegeest, Donner Summit Historical Society

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Phineas Gage: After the Accident Years

If you’ve taken a psychology or brain science class, you’re familiar with Phineas Gage. In P.T. Barnum’s New York freak show, he promoted Gage as ‘The Man with his Brains Blown Out.’ Phineas was the first known person to survive a traumatic brain injury. While working as a crew boss on the Rutland & Burlington Railroad in Vermont a thirteen-pound tamping iron set off a blast that shot the tool through his skull. But there was more to the man than a case study or oddity. In first-person narratives, those closest to him – his sister, brother-in-law, and Phineas himself – describe what life was like adapting to his physical challenges as the family moved from New Hampshire to San Francisco in 1849. In this (large print) novella, which includes a blend of known historical facts alongside fictionalized human drama, you’ll learn to reconsider the legends and myths surrounding Phineas Gage.

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Haylee and the Traveler’s Stone (book 1)

At seventeen, Haylee still looks like she’s ten years old, but that’s about to change. A mysterious transformation turns her from a withdrawn wallflower into a voluptuous overnight sensation. In this contemporary Cinderella-like tale, set in 1980s agricultural California, Haylee discovers the dark underside of a seemingly miraculous gift. After becoming a threat to everyone she cares about, she ricochets through time, landing in early San Francisco. Can she find her way back? Does she want to return? Can she repair the damage she left in her wake?

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Haylee and the Last Traveler (book 2)

Haylee’s pregnant. The best friend she hurt doesn’t want to see her or meet her newborn.  Yet Josh’s curiosity keeps drawing him back. When painfully awkward, out-of-sync, Norah from the future appears, Haylee and company face impossible choices while exploring acceptance, forgiveness, and the power of letting go. Set in Berkeley, CA, and at the Grand Coulee Dam in Washington state, the conclusion of Haylee’s story is seasoned with real-life work, parenting dilemmas, and embellished with humor and communicating animals.

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Toby Bear and the Healing Light

Toby Bear becomes aware in a toy store. When gifted to a sick girl, he discovers his purpose! He shows her how to support healing using her mind and thoughts. Not just for children facing health challenges, Toby Bear and the Healing Light gently demonstrate the use of white light meditation to strengthen people of every age.

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