What readers say

It can be really exciting reading through this period of time. Your lifestyle is going to be enhanced as soon as you finish reading this ebook. [Phases of Gage]

Nya Bechtelar

[Phases of Gage] is actually packed with knowledge and wisdom.

Arely Rath

“Haylee is chock full of descriptive narrative that leads the reader into the life of a young girl
whose experience of “otherness” is remarkable, but also relatable.
Haylee must find out what she is, and how to deal with the frightening new abilities, and needs, she’s discovered.”

Debbie McClure, Author of The King’s Consort

“Lisa brilliantly filled in the unknown with her imagination.
Phases of Gage flows nicely with the history occurring naturally.”
Author of My Own Story

Bonnie McKeegan, Psychotherapist & Author

“I was cringing and cheering for Haylee through all the twists and turns along her path.
A truly fun, exciting and rewarding read!” [Haylee]

Kevin Melton

“WOW! [Haylee and the Traveler’s Stone] is a beautiful book!
The world Lisa creates is believable almost immediately;
I never had a problem thinking that this stuff could really happen.
Her characters are easy people to know.”

Bob Boardman, Copyeditor, Proofreader & Ghost Writer

“A very imaginative, page-turning ride.” [Haylee]

Christina Hamlett, Screenplay Consultant & author of 31 books

“Very imaginative and unlike anything I’ve read.
The pages fly by as we discover more about Haylee and her unique transformation.
This quick and fun read will keep you engaged until the last page.”


Michelle L. Kidd, Author of Timeless Moments

“Crisp, diverse, excellent sense of pace and detail.
The steady drumbeat of the story keeps my attention riveted,
and the fine writing style only enhanced the pleasure.” [Haylee]


P.J. Wetzel, retired NASA PhD Earth Scientist & Author of Return of Naja: Eden’s Womb

“Characters are very distinct.
Each revelation and the ensuing reaction are nuggets of gold.
Lisa has a storytelling gift.”  [Haylee]


GA VanDruff, Author of Escape Clause

“I LOVE this story. Very well written.” [Haylee]


Charlene Raddon, Author of To Have and To Hold

“Got sucked straight into Haylee’s storyline… it’s a riveting read.”


Tremaine du Preez, Author of Raising Thinkers

“Haylee made me cry… splendid… awesome… inspirational.
I loved all of it. Wow.”

Carole Troup

“Haylee is a really interesting story. Different.
The characters and storyline are done very well.
The story does help one escape their own reality.”

Jessica Minor

“Haylee reads very smoothly and organically, the events and
dialogue flowing in a natural, spontaneous manner.
Very vivid, urgent pace. A compelling read.”

Ryan Dowes

“Haylee is one of my favorite female heroines.”

Robert Helliger



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